Welcome to BigRed//Hacks 2015, the ultimate student-run hackathon at Cornell University.  Across three days, join students from all across the northeast to build the coolest and most innovative projects, meet amazing people, and win prizes along the way!



Participants at BigRed//Hacks are limited to those who have officially registered.  All participants should sign in at the registration booth at the start of the event and receive a wristband.

Teams may be formed until the deadline for the project submission, and may contain one to four people.


Submission must be an original piece of software, where a significant portion of the code and functionality was designed and written by the team members.

No part of the submission may be created outside of the 36 hour hackathon window, and any external code, images, or content must be equally available to all participants, licensed with permission to use, and follow all applicable laws.

Submissions must follow all applicable laws, may not promote copyright infringement, and may not be obscene or made with the purpose to marginalize or offend any group of people.

Hackathon Sponsors


First Place

Presented by BigRed//Hacks
Microsoft Surface 3

Second Place

Presented by BigRed//Hacks
Parrot AR 2.0 Elite Drone

Third Place

Presented by BigRed//Hacks
3D Doodler

Newbie Prize

Presented by BigRed//Hacks

Best Use of Capital One API

Presented by Capital One
$500 Amazon Gift Card

Best Use of Izanamee

Presented by Capital One
$500 Amazon Gift Card

Best .CO Domain Name

Presented by .CO
Swag bags and AmEx Gift Cards

Best Use of Uber API (3)

Presented by Uber.
1st: $250 in Uber credit.
Runners up: Uber Swag

Best Priceline API App (2)

Presented by Priceline.
1st Prize: $500 Hotel Vouchers
2nd Prize: $200 Hotel Vouchers
All: 15% Off Hotel Voucher

Best Pebble Hack

Presented by Major League Hacking
Pebble Steels

Best Use of AWS

Presented by Major League Hacking
1TB Hard Drives

Best Domain Name

Presented by Major League Hacking
Domain.com Swag Bags

Best User Experience

Presented by Goldman Sachs
Bose Speakers

Best Hardware Hack

Presented by BigRed//Hacks
Qualcomm Toq Smartwatches

Best Healthcare Hack

Presented by Epic.
$50 Newegg Gift Certificates

Best Use of Wolfram Tech

Presented by Wolfram Research
Wolfram Programming Cloud Developer-Level Tier Access

Best Cornell-related Hack

Presented by Cornell Open Data Initiative
An hour of mentorship with software engineers from various top companies.

Best Use of Bloomberg API

Presented by Bloomberg
Gift Card to Plum Tree Restaurant

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Leon Zaruvinsky

Leon Zaruvinsky
Temporary - Judges coming soon.

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity
    Is the idea original and unique, or just a copy of something that already exists?
  • Technical Difficulty
    How difficult was the project to build? Of the technologies used, were they used well?
  • Aesthetics
    Does the project look put together and complete? How is the user experience?
  • Potential
    Could you see this project being used in the future beyond the hackathon, or is it just a one-time deal?
  • Demonstration
    How well did the team demonstrate their project?

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